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The company was estabished in 2004, and now covers all of the Swiss Romand cantons. With many years of garden design experience, including a large collection of garden awards in England, the company has adapted new thinking to the Swiss climate & local regulations.  Now well established in Switzerland, the company can plan and create your garden to a high standard.

We offer our clients a complete ‘one to one’ service to create a garden that is beautiful, practical and within your budget.


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Our first visit, (without charge within 60 km of the office), so that we can get to know you and your requirements. A tour of your property, photographs and a questionnaire, is then followed by a sketch design – completing with the final colour plan. Whatever the direction of the project, we always start with a plan. The plans are hand drawn and to scale.
Service 1

First visit - to your house, without obligation.

Questionniare - to find out your requirements

Sketch Stage - discussion of proposed ideas

Final plan - with scaled concept plans and accompanying advice.

On completion - the project is ready to start.

Service 2

Another possibility which is popular with clients, is when someone just needs some help and advice on garden solutions. Visit to your house – charged for by an arranged hourly rate.

On completion of final plan, the client has many possibilities of how to follow on and complete the garden project. Clients are not obligated to work with us after final plan, but we offer a varity of ways to bring the project to life.
All commissioned  projects - are approved directly by the client with a signature, to avoid unecessary costs.


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